Company Introduction

Welcome to Rayansim ,Wire and Cable  Industries.
Manufacturer of various types of wire and cable, and non-replaceable plug
One of the branches in the field of telecommunications and electronics industry is dedicated to wire and cable production. Considering the importance of this product in transferring, distributing and saving energy, steering and power to the dots near power plants and communicates between different parts of machines, buildings, appliances, industrial appliances.
Therefore, the company started its activity in 1380 and the first holder of three licenses for using the standard mark in Isfahan province in the field of producing cable types, wires and strapless pockets and aiming at the production of high quality products and low cost Has set.
Continuous development of activity has made the company able to equip itself with its production facilities and laboratory equipment and the use of high quality materials and the use of qualified specialists in the wire and cable industry to improve the quality of production and use advanced technology to meet international standards. And now it is proud to be a supplier of standard types of wires and cables to serve our customers